Wednesday, 26 July 2017

WALT visualise what we are reading

Title: reading responses
Journal: Poi
SJ Nov,2014. L2.
Maia is a girl that does not like her poi because it was lopsided,the taura was loose and one of the hukahuka had fallen off. There was an hole in the other poi and when she put her finger in it the foam came out and she wanted to quit
kapa haka.Then the principal Mr Hayward ask her if she wanted to help mrs taiapa a teacher at their school make pois for their school kapa haka team.

Their school kapa haka team was going to a festival in two weeks. The next day during lunch maia went to help the teacher Miss Taiapa make the pois. They had to make sixty-five pois. Their school colours were blue and red. They used plastic bags,wool and foam to make them. On  the festival day maia got to go with the kapa haka team to the festival. And Mrs waru ask her to accept their group’s prize for best poi.

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