Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Hard, Rock - Free images on Pixabay30/05/2017 WALT:write our observations.

This morning Mrs Wallace brought her rocks to class for everyone to look at.

First we all got into a circle to look,feel,hear and smell the rocks.
They all were impressive.

Next we all talked about the rocks. They were smooth and hard and some looked like they had a fossil inside of them.

Last we categorised the rocks and the volcanic rocks were basalt and some of the ocean rock had fossils in it and it looked so fascinating.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

WALT: express an idea or opinion supported with evidence.

Date 16.05. 2017
WALT: express an idea or opinion supported with evidence.

I think we shouldn’t be allowed to have smartphones during class.

Because people could cheat on a test or their work.

Because people can go on google if they have internet and use a app that they have on their phone that have answers on it.

Because it can be a distraction by playing on it.

They might not want to get off their game that they are playing on when they were meant to be learning.

They could cause fights and arguments

Because someone might had lost their phone and someone else has the same one they might argue about it.

And that is why I think we should not have smart phones in class.