Friday, 23 March 2018

Nga rerenga korero poto

WALT Talk in te reo

First my class and I had a lesson about te reo

Next I had to write everything I learnt in my book.

Finally I made a stroyboard and google drawing.

The thing I enjoyed most was making the stroyboard.

The thing I might do differently next time is doing milo instead of coffee.  

Thursday, 15 March 2018

The Sun

WALT locate information in a text to help us answer questions

First I found a picture of the sun. 

Next I made the sun picture and made a title.

Finally I answered all my questions, my facts and pictures.

The thing I really enjoyed the most was inserting the pictures.

The thing I might do differently is finding a moving picture.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Maori Myths: Maui And Goddess Of Fire


First my class read the book.

Next we had to choose a story t re-create, I chose Maui And The Goddess Of Fire.

Finally I started my story board it took a few days, but it got finished.

I really enjoyed making this story board.

Maybe next time I might choose a different story. 

Thursday, 8 February 2018

The Crocodile's Christmas Jandals

Yesterday room 1 read the crocodile's christmas jandals for
shared reading. The crocodile got a pair of jandals, he
called them the christmas jandals, he wore them to the
beach once for a BBQ with some other crocodiles. They
dance and pranced all over the place. The crocodile left his
jandals right next to the mat, but when they were dancing
his left jandal floated away and he found a red rubber
jandal on the beach.  The next day the crocodile went to a
football game, it was the avon aces vs the crocodiles. The
crocodile cheered for the crocodiles when he saw a girl
with a jandal that looked like his lost jandal and the girl had
seen her lost red rubber jandal on his foot. The girl said
"you have got my lost left holiday jandal" and the crocodile
said "you have got my lost left christmas jandal to. They
became friends and they both cheered for both of the
teams. Girl gave the crocodile jandal back and the crocodile
gave back the girl jandal and said “see you the next football
game” When he walked home he felt like his feet were
having a party once again.


Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Māui and the giant fish

Today we did a practice activity for the Summer Learning Journey.
First we read the story Maui and the Giant Fish.
Then we wrote 3 facts we learned from the story.
Next time i might do more interesting facts.
Here are my facts:

Māui and the giant fish
  1. Maui’s ancestor Murirangawhenua gave Maui a jawbone and he used it for fishing.

  1. Maui always tried persuading his brother into letting him go fishing with them.

  1. Maui’s brothers don’t want Maui to go fishing and they always make up a reason for him not to go.    

Friday, 20 October 2017

Baby Animals

WALT: Make text to self  connections

First I did the background green.

Next I search up baby animals.

Finally I move the pictures around.

The most hardest part was moving the pictures around so they could all fit.

Next time i might title it Baby animals on my collage.